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How to work for a small Japan company who says they cannot sponsor work visas

Q:How can I work for a small Japan company who says they cannot sponsor work visas?

A: “Cannot sponsor work visa” …. Hmmm, that sounds like an “out” to me — a convenient way for them to get you to go away.

Many foreigners have to get their first work visa at a shit-job such as with the NOVA English schools. With a a foot-in-the-door, the foreigner can quit that job and go to work at a better company who often say they, “cannot sponsor work visas.”

There’s no way of telling if the Japanese company is totally clueless—any company, even a one-man office can legally sponsor work visa for a foreign employee. More likely, they just a bunch of timid, cover-their-asses, managers who learned that sponsoring a foreign employee puts them on the line for all sorts of liabilities. In addition, the paperwork for hiring the first foreigner at a Japanese company will appear to be a pain in the ass to a manager with poor familiarity with Japanese the Japanese legal/ bureaucratic system (Japanese people are stunningly ignorant of all things remotely legal). In addition, it’s a pain to prepare English copies of the contracts and whatever for the gaijin they want to hire.

For example, the majority of companies in the Hitachi Group refuse to guarantee/sponsor foreign employees and individual managers have to personally guarantee a gaijin they want to hire. Needless to say, if a gaijin/foreigner applies at one of these Hitachi companies, most personnel managers will say, “you need to get your own visa,” even though there are many foreigners working at Hitachi (most under spouse visas).

Bottom Line: BEFORE you start to apply for Japanese jobs, you need to go Japanese Immigration website (or better yet call or go to your Japanese consulate/embassy) and get armed with all the information/steps for a Japanese company hiring a gaijin (ideally in both Japanese and English).

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5 Responses to “How to work for a small Japan company who says they cannot sponsor work visas”

  1. Jamie Says:

    I worked for a Hitachi subsidiary for many years, and was sponsored by them in the beginning, before going on a spouse and later a permanent resident visa. There were other foreigners at my company, the honsha, and other Hitachi group companies who were sponsored. Since there is so much internal business within the group, you get a chance to meet a lot of similarly situated people.

    There are over 1,000 companies in the Hitachi group, so I wonder how much evidence you have to extrapolate from.

    I think it’s safe to say that no individual managers ever sponsored anyone at Hitachi or any other company in Japan. That’s ridiculous.

    The paperwork is not a deterent to companies of the size of the Hitachi group. There is a somu-bu in every company that just takes care of it. Believe me, if you work in the somu-bu, something like this is an enjoyable change of pace from the boring stuff they usually do.

    And if the company doesn’t want to do it themselves, they can hire from a personnel agency that will be the sponsor. In fact, there are even such long-term employment personnel companies within the Hitachi group itself who handle foreign employees for other Hitachi group companies.

    I expect that most large companies with a need for foreign expertise are like Hitachi.

    The first thing you need to do in most cases is get to Japan one way or the other, and then apply to Japanese companies from within Japan. This is easy for Canadians and Australians, who can take a working holiday here.

    For Americans, a stint working for an English conversation company may be the easiest way, although I’d recommend not associating with your fellow teachers in your off hours, since in my experience many are embittered and have bad attitudes that can poison your thinking. Hang out with Japnaese and learn about them first hand.

  2. gary burt Says:

    dear hitachi,

    my answer to your question is that i am still looking for an internal email address for your company.

    please forward to the above address as time allows, the soon the better.

    gary burt

  3. aynul Says:

    Pls. get job in japan

  4. Md.Mominul Islam Says:

    I live in Bangladesh.Now i work in a Buying house company.this is also a japanease company.Japan Buying House
    Our company Chairman name is Thakumi Asazaka.
    At this time i want to work in Japan.How can i get a job from Bangladesh?any one can hepl me.

  5. bob Says:

    there is a reason that they are embittered

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